How to Insert Unicode Character in LibreOffice

Hit Ctrl+Shift+U and then type the Unicode code point, Enter.

How do I insert special characters in LibreOffice on Ubuntu if Alt+188 or other key combinations don’t work | Ask LibreOffice


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One response to “How to Insert Unicode Character in LibreOffice”

  1. t.r. jackson says :

    Something more needs to be said here. With LO, following the instruction leaves one with the Unicode – 2234, plus the 2 characters Ui – displayed in a light yellow with underline, plus a vertical black line, which extends with further input, off to the left. Apparently it is some sort of mode toggle that cannot be exited with an ESC; it takes another ^Sh-U to break the spell. After all that, we don’t have the desired character, just some useless noise that must needs be cleaned up.

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