Advices on Creating Web API

Publish the whole thing and make sure it is all well documented. Also, don’t hide functions through obscurity.

>> some types of customers don’t need to see all of the API in the library
Don’t try to go down that road. If you start hiding functions through obscurity, they will pop out anyway (through code samples, forums, reverse engineering, pentesting, etc.) and will only lead to bad things (developers pissed at you for “crappy, incomplete documentation,” customers laughing at you for “trying to hide the best stuff,” salespeople people yelling at you for not exposing something you’ve already written but they didn’t know they needed until they walked out of a customer meeting, top executives yelling at everyone when a security researcher finds a big flaw in a rarely used function call that everyone forgot about).

Dude With 15 Years Experience With Web APIs
(Who Has Had Much Of This Happen To Him Or His Company)

Publish the whole thing and make sure it is all well documented.
When we evaluate products, one thing I always look for is a well documented API with full functionality.

Then endure your internal developers use it and eat their own dog food.
Anonymous Coward

Ask Slashdot: Best API Management System? | Slashdot


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