Git Is Excel at Merging Multiple Independent Branches

NCommander states his experience that Git is superior at merging multiple independent branches comparing to some other popular open source version control.

having using both SVN and git heavily over the course of years, SVN’s branching and merging support is not much better than CVS in many ways. Git on the other hand makes it trivial to merge multiple independent branches togethers, figure out who did what, and help keep patches across multiple trees (we’ve got some patches going across slashcode and rehash right now). I’ve also use bzr (and to a much lesser extent, hg), and neither is as good at git at handling branches and stuff. bzr is basically decentralized SVN. hg is fast, but it seems a bit clumsy to merge from multiple heads.

Announcing GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub | SoylentNews


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