4 Writing Tips That You Can Apply For Coding

1) Show, Don’t Tell
Instead of telling the reader, good writers use techniques like description and dialogue to show the reader what characters are thinking and feeling. In coding, use informative naming conventions in your code to show what your code really mean.

2) Simplicity Is Better than Flowery
Longer words don’t make you sound or look smarter. In coding, avoid writing clever or read-only code.

3) Read a Lot, Learn from Everything
A good writer needs to read a lot. In coding you can become good at writing code by reading a lots of other people code. This tips pretty much applicable to all professions.

4) Focus by Learning What Not to Do
A large part of writing involves learning what not to say, or what to remove instead of what to include. In coding you learn anti-patterns, coding/design practices you should avoid.

Four Basic Writing Principles You Can Use in Everyday Life| Lifehacker


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