Linux Audio and Video Editing Tools


A short list about video and audio editing tools in Linux realm (Note: Not all of them are FOSS).

Adobe Audition – a powerful digital audio workstation. No Linux version available but the Windows version reportedly can run in Linux via Wine.

Audacitya simple wave editor, not a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Audacity’s direct competition are GoldWave, Nero Wave Editor, and so on and Audacity blows them all out of the water in areas that are objectively measurable, i.e. file compatibility, encoding performance, etc. Just don’t compare Audacity to a DAW. They are just different things with just some overlapping feature set – kinda like comparing a pure text editor with a word processor.

Bitwig Studioa DAW by former Ableton people who really know their stuff.

Blender a 3D animation suite, and a powerful video editor. Also comes with a python console, where really powerful scriptability can be reached. It’s daunting for the first few days, but you’ll get used to the Blender workflow. To edit video you need to go into VSE mode. You have to learn it, you can’t just brute force and guess your way around, so go watch a bunch of tutorial videos (search: blender vse or blender visual sequence editor) and you’ll be flying.

Cinelerracomparable to Avid, but less stable, and the learning curve is steep.

DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design, is used in actual Hollywood movies.

Kdenlive Kdenlive is decent for quick edit jobs. You can line up multiple videos and substitute or augment audio when you need to. So shooting some footage and adding a soundtrack is doable. It does lack the easy and polish of iMovie and more professional options. Hopefully, it gets there

LightWorks high-end video editing tool. Lightworks comparable to Avid, but less stable, and the learning curve is steep; maybe too steep for an amateur who is just messing around to master quickly.

Openshot It’s about as good as iMovie and most definitely beats Windows Movie Maker. For vloggers, it’s all you’d need.

PiTiVi – It looked great and professional-esque. Pitivi is designed to edit video using a simple intreface, appears to be meant for users to pick up quickly and use for simple tasks. As of this writing still buggy and crashy. Totally not recommended. Hope it gets better in the future.

Shotcut – It’s still in fairly early development but there is usually a new release every month. It uses the MLT backend like Kdenlive and shotcut is being developed by Dan Dennedy who is the developer mostly behind MLT. He used to code for the Kdenlive project but after switching over to Mac for his production machine he decided to start a new cross-platform video editor from the ground up because he viewed porting Kdenlive to other platforms to be too much effort and ultimately it’d be more effort than just starting from scratch.


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