Updating VirtualBox, Calibre, and LibreOffice via proxy in PCLinuxOS

In regards with software updates in PCLinuxOS, as a rolling release Linux distro usually you just fire up Synaptic package manager then hit Reload > Mark All Upgrades > Apply. Then tadaaaa…your system is uptodate. There are some packages in software repository though which excluded with this method of upgrading. As of this writing packages with this exception are: Linux kernel, LibreOffice, Calibre, and VirtualBox.

PCLinuxOS developer create home-grown scripts to update VirtualBox, Calibre, and LibreOffice. These script basically will download and install the aforementioned software. And just recently I have this problem updating LibreOffice, Calibre, and VirtualBox via network proxy. It used to as simple as setting up http_proxy variable in console and then just run the installation script, like so (in console):

$ export http_proxy=http://username:password@proxy_address:proxy_port
$ lomanager (install script for LibreOffice)

For whatever reason it doesn’t work anymore. I think it has something to do with wget. I have similar problem with wget through proxy and the scripts if you look under the hood use wget to handle the downloading part.

Solution for LibreOffice

The easiest one would be to just use offline installation method. Grab the LibreOffice RPM package from the offical site. Extract it, go to RPMs folder, press F4 (to activate console), change to superuser, and type rpm -Uvh *.rpm to install. Don’t forget to purge the existing LibreOffice installation first using lomanager script.

Solution for Calibre

This one requires a bit script editing. Setup your http_proxy system variable first. From there edit calibre-manager. Edit calibre-manager(/usr/bin/calibre-manager) and change some wget string to contain your username and password for your proxy server. Some details below (in console):

$ su (change to super user, because saving the script requires super user privilege)
$ http_proxy=http://proxy_address:proxy_port/ (setup the http_proxy variable)
$ kwrite /usr/bin/calibre-manager (use graphical text editor to ease search and replace stuff)
At this point replace some ‘wget’ string (which pertaining to internet connection stuff) in the script with wget –proxy-user=your_proxy_username –proxy-password=your_proxy_password. Save.
$ calibre-manager (run the script)

Solution for VirtualBox

the same as solution for Calibre (except the script file you edit is /usr/bin/getvirtualbox and the last part should beĀ getvirtualbox instead of calibre-manager )


How to wget via proxy


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