Google Chrome’s Choppy Sound


I noticed recently when I open Youtube using Google Chrome (not Chromium) there is something strange about the sound. The audio is choppy. This problem didn’t occur in Firefox in the same machine. So, I figured it’s software related thing. Doing quick search in PCLinuxOS forum about this issue and then tadaaaaaaaaa … some users experienced the same the choppy audio. The solution from Aleph (Thanks Aleph) is to disable one of the flash player plugin

More detailed step:

-In Chrome type about:plugins  to show all plugins 

-Click Details 

-Disable one the flash player plugin. Disabling PPAPI (out of process) version worked for me.


Btw, little OOT here. When search for the answer I saw this thread titled Future PCLinuxOS user in which this 46 years old guy in  in forum posting picture of his firstborn son which I think is cute.


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