Why PCLinuxOS?

PCLinuxOS screenshot

screenshot of my desktop with PCLinuxOS

This post is about why I chose PCLinuxOS as my Linux distro of choice. Often times, people asks me when they see the UI of my OS,” Hmm, You use Linux? Is that Ubuntu?“. And my typical answer is ‘Yes, this is Linux but not Ubuntu’. Then the typical next question is “Why not Ubuntu?“. My short answer will be “because I like PCLinuxOS better“. In more lengthy answer, I’ll say that:

  • It just works out-of-the-box
  • It comes with pre-installed multimedia codecs – PCLinuxOS has included multimedia codecs since dawn of time.
  • It comes with proprietary video and printer driver- So, you can save a lot of hassle configuring it yourself.
  • It is a full rolling-release distro – As long as you update it properly, you’ll always have the latest version of this distro.
  • It is a KDE centric distro – Personally, I think KDE is the best DE out there.
  • It has MyLiveCD and PCLinuxOS-liveUSB– nifty software to make ‘snapshot’ of your current PCLinuxOS installed in hard drive to be ‘LiveCDed’ to CD/DVD/USB
  •  No systemd. Personally I don’t have dogs in init system fight, but this might appeal for some systemd hater out there.

I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for reading.


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