Installing Zen Coding plugin in Geany

I am the Lamp Geany, the Lamp Geany!

I am the Lamp Geany, the Lamp Geany!

This post is a note for myself about installing ZenCoding plugin for Geany in PCLinuxOS.

Zen Coding  plugin is not supported officially by the Zen Coding developer. This requires me to get my hand dirty with a little bit dependency hell. I grabbed the following packages (my main OS is PCLinuxOS) from repo prior to plugin installation to successfully install this wowsome plugin:

automake, libtool, libgtk+2.0, libgtk+-devel,  geany-devel

The packages may be called differently in your Linux distro. I think you get the idea. Then follow the installation manual from geany-zencoding:

-generate the required build system files:

    $ cd geany-zencoding
    $ ./

-configure, compile and install the build system:

    $ ./configure –prefix=`pkg-config –variable=prefix geany`
    $ make
    $ make install # maybe as root depending on prefix

-activate Zencoding in Geany

run Geany > Tools> Plugin Manager>Check Zen Coding



during make process I encountered error about not finding .la file in /usr/lib. Solution: delete all .la files in /usr/lib

rm -rf /usr/lib/*.la (as root)


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